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Frankie Lons shares authentic moment with son Sammy and daughter Elite --April 10, 2020

Early this morning, July 19th, Elite Noel found her mother Frankie Lons passed in her Oakland home. Elites arrival was intended for celebration of her mothers born day and long, hard-fought journey to sobriety with a recent 5 months clean under her wing. Instead, she was faced with the cold reality that  Frankie had relapsed partying for her 61st birthday and overdosed, leaving many behind heart broken.

Rest Easy Frankie

"Frankie is the Hood's Momma" --Sammy

Frankie Laverne Lons


frankie dreads_edited.png

"Remember Frankie as someone who loved her kids, and who wanted her children to be together"  --Sammy

family hug_edited.jpg
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